Today’s Wordle answer: Monday March 7, #261 with tips, clues and solution

Stuck on today's Wordle? Here's the answer to give you a Happy Monday

Sadly, Wordle is not a five-letter word
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It’s a shame that Wordle isn’t a five-letter word, or our new graphic would work so much better. Oh well. It’s Monday March 7, I’m stuck in an Ibis hotel near Birmingham airport and this is the answer to Wordle 261. The Bangles once complained about ‘manic Mondays’ and pledged their allegiance to Sunday, because that was their ‘fun day’, as well as their ‘I don’t have to run day’. Idiots. 

As you will see in T3’s official guide to Wordle, we have never actually lost at Wordle so far, and today was no exception. However, we had to do a swift reverse ferret from our original best guess as to what the answer would be, and ended up with a very different Wordle-winning word. Even so, we did win. 

Did you manage to correctly answer Wordle 260 yesterday? That one was a breeze. This one was very slightly more difficult, so prepare to don your Thinking Hat. 

Today's Wordle hint

This is a large group of people or a big pile of stuff. Ironic, since Wordle is played daily by a large group of people, and we are assembling an increasingly large pile of stuff (new stories) about it. 

Is there any Wordle controversy today?  

Scientists finding Wordle solution

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It seems there is no wordle controversy today. Even the Independent can’t rouse itself to pretend to be upset on behalf of a few Twitter users who couldn’t guess a 5-letter word in 6 attempts. Maybe it’s all over for Wordle because it’s now too easy. 

Today's Wordle solution

Wordle 261 answer

Today's solution is cloth

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Just LOOK at the epic struggle we had with today’s Wordle! Our usual opening word netted one measly letter, and in the wrong place. Then our usual second one netted two more. Okay, that’s a pretty good start considering it involves zero thought. Then we were sure it must be an -OACH word, but could it be COACH, POACH, ROACH or OOACH? Alright, that last one isn’t a real word. 

Turned out it was none of the above, as guess #3 revealed the word to be -OA—, with an H in there somewhere. That’ll be HOARD then. 

Also, apologies: we deliberately misled you with today’s clue, as a large group of people is a horde not a hoard. Gotta watch out for those homophones. A hoard is described by the Oxford English Dictionary as ‘a big load of stuff, often collected by hoarders, on those vaguely depressing TV programmes about ‘The Nation’s Biggest Hoarders’.’

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