Today’s Wordle answer: Friday March 4, #258

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Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. It’s March 4 and Wordle 258 is very easy indeed, to the extent that we don’t even know why you need to look this up. At this point, we should probably be asking ‘has the New York Times made Wordle easier?’ If you read our Wordle guide you‘ll find we already debunked, refuted and rebuffed the notion they made it harder. 

As we’re in Europe, we’ve long since moved on to Wordle 259 – we have found the answer for America before it was even Saturday there. So head on over if you want more Wordle with your coffee and ‘grits’. 

You can still find the answer to Wordle 258 at the bottom of the page, although surely it’s no longer available to play, so I’m not sure what the point of that is. There's a hint just below here, should you be teetering on the brink of failure and wanting to, essentially, cheat, but not quite able to bring yourself to do it. According to some research we were sent today, Wordle cheating has shot up 196% so you’re not alone.

Today's Wordle hint

You‘ve got one of these, or you wouldn’t be able to read and understand this.

Is there any Wordle controversy today?  

Gazing at the internet we can find no evidence of controversy around today‘s Wordle so far BUT, as we said, some may now suspect that the New York Times is making the answers easier, for some nefarious reason. So expect online backlash followed by 1,500-word think pieces in the Washington Post, Guardian, etc. 

Those desiring to stress over what is, at heart, a pretty easy word game will be glad to know that some media outlets are still moaning about the result being ‘VIVID’ about a week ago. ‘No one could've predicted that the answer to #251 puzzle would have double letters,’ one plaintively cries. Yeah, that was bad. So few words use the same letter twice. 

Today's Wordle solution


Aced that one

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Today’s answer is AHEAD. As in, the thing on top of your shoulders. Okay, not that. As in, that which is in front of you, physically or temporally. 

As you can see, we abandoned our usual ALIEN/SHOUT technique for this one, and tried CHANG – a word that doesn’t even exist as far as we know, but which has some vowels in it. Then we tried WHALE as that has some more frequently-appearing letters in it – and it’s a fun word. By that point enough possible letters had been eliminated that we could fairly confidently guess that the answer ahead was AHEAD. And it turns out we were right. 

Until tomorrow then. Allez! Salut maintenant. 

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