Timex Ironman watch receives colourful new look for latest limited edition launch

Say hello to the latest capsule collection from Timex and The James Brand

Timex x The James Brand launches third capsule collection
(Image credit: Timex/ The James Brand)

Who doesn't like a little retro? I sure do, especially if it involves brands I'm particularly keen on, such as digital watch giant Timex and minimalist knife company The James Brand, whose Ellis Slim Knife I'd never leave out of my bag. Their latest capsule collection incorporates a watch, a wallet and a pocket knife in a bright colourway to honour the iconic legacy and retro spirit of the Timex Ironman watch.

This is the third time the two brands have worked together, with the previous two collections selling out completely within a short period of time. The new collection sports an 'amped-up' colourway that stands out on the wrist and in the pocket, bringing a fun energy to everyday carry, whether out for a run, hitting the trail, or heading into town.

The three-piece collection includes the dynamic Timex Ironman watch in vibrant, neon hues, a nod to its mid-1980s debut and is accompanied by a colour-coordinated ultra-lightweight Redstone Knife designed for the outdoors and paired with a retro canvas wallet with hook and loop closure, both designed by The James Brand. 

Timex x The James Brand collaboration

(Image credit: Timex/The James Brand)

"A watch says a lot about its wearer, and we often think of timepieces as the 'first cousin' to our EDC products," said Ryan Coulter, founder of The James Brand, "We are interested in exploring the relationship between all of the things we carry and how they enable experiences by working together as a system."

Embracing this vision, the collaboration 'pushes the boundaries' to create a watch that combines the classic heritage of Timex's Ironman with the modern style of The James Brand, resulting in a unique timepiece and accessories that match the watch's aesthetics.

The limited edition Timex Ironman x James Brand Collection is now available exclusively at The James Brand, Timex (watch-only), and via retail partner Huckberry (also watch-only) while supplies last. And they won't last for too long!

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