Three's 4GB data for £6/month SIM Only deal is a back to school bargain

Make sure covered with this cheap SIM only deal when heading back to school, college, or university.

Three SIM Only back to school deals
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It's nearing the time of year when we collectively head back to school, college, or university and getting the right kit to do so is essential, and might even make the process a bit nicer. As luck would have it, we spotted a really strong Three SIM Only deal – 4GB of data for just £6/month – that seems ideal. 

The value of SIM Only deals is clear: you can use the data however you want, like a WiFi hotspot, and it frees you up to change phones as many times as you want, or have a decent amount of data in a phone without breaking the bank. Basically, it's flexibility personified and that's what we're all about.

Three is a fantastic option for SIM Only, too, with a range of stuff on top of the data and unlimited calls and texts. For example, you get the Go Binge set of services, letting you access Netflix, Apple Music, and other popular services without cutting into your allowance. 

There's also global roaming on offer, not just in the EU, meaning you can use your 4GB if and when you feel ready to go abroad. If you're planning a big post-COVID holiday next year, getting in on Three's generous plan is a good idea.

Three SIM | 12 month plan | 4GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £6/month | Available from Three

Three SIM | 12 month plan | 4GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £6/month | Available from Three
We've basically told you why this plan makes sense in the bit above but to recap: 4GB data is easily enough for most people, especially when Netflix and other services are data-free, plus you can use it to hotspot and browse abroad. 

So, if you're looking to upgrade your data plan but keep the same phone, or fancy the option of changing phones easily in the future, look no further than this Three SIM Only deal.

Max Slater-Robins

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