Threads finally gets a much-requested search feature

Meta's new social media site is getting better every day

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With Elon Musk seemingly changing Twitter/X with the weather, you might understandably want to try a different social media site. That's the angle Meta has seemingly taken with Threads and after a successful launch and browser implementation, it is now adding another essential feature. 

Soon you will be able to search across Threads for keywords and phrases, not just for individual users' profiles. As an example if say, you wanted to see what people in general were saying about the latest AAA game Starfield, you won't have to search for specific people. 

It's a fairly basic feature but it highlights just how early in the life of Threads we are. Mark 'Zuck' Zuckerberg confirmed that this feature will be rolling out in both English and Spanish, hopefully with more languages to come soon (and less Vin Diesel GIFs). 

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We don't yet know if Threads will implement a hashtag-style system like Twitter/X but maybe that would make the two sites too similar for comfort, especially with Twitter's threats to sue (and the cage match drama). Still, it is a very useful filtering tool we would like to see introduced.

 A key difference between the two (other than all the changes Elon Musk has made) is that while Twitter has a 280-character limit, Threads goes up to 500. As part of Meta's suite of apps, it also links seamlessly with Instagram. 

Just a few years ago it seemed almost impossible for a new name to break into the trinity of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook but with TikTok, Threads and the likes of Bereal emerging, we now have a wealth of social media platforms to choose from. Hopefully with competition comes increased quality for users.  WhatsApp (also owned by Meta) for example has a significant redesign in the works and has recently added a bunch of features. 

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