Those with fat wrists can now don an Apple Watch

Enough room for even Hulk to get his wrist through

If you've been itching to rock an Apple Watch but haven't been able to because the darn thing doesn't fit on your wrist, then fear not, salvation is here.

Apple has released more bracelet and band options for the Apple Watch, allowing those with chunky wrists to comfortably wear the iPhone-compatible smartwatch.

Amongst the accessories is a new link bracelet kit that offers six additional links for wrists larger than 205mm around. As the Watch opens with the click of a button, wearers will be able to install the new links without the need for special tools. Easy-peasy. It will set you back £39/$49, which is the same price as a normal band.

Apple has also released (via SlashGear) a pair of new Watch Sport bands for protein-chugging gym rats who need more breathing room for their wrists. As well as the S/M and M/L bands Apple is now selling an L/XL band (140-210 mm) and an XL band for those with 160-245 mm wrists.

They also cost £39/$4, but there's two in the pack. If you're fixated on colour-matching your gym clothes then you may be disappointed as the range is limited to just black and white right now. Still, the new band options are good news for owners who require a tailored fit. It certainly beats waiting around for the Apple Watch 2 to come out.

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Nathan George

Nathan George is a freelance journalist who has contributed to in the fields of gaming, social media, streaming services, autonomous vehicles, phones, virtual reality headsets, wireless speakers and future tech. He studied journalism at the University of the West of England and is a holder of the Bronze and Silver The Duke of Edinburgh Award.