This water gun shoots 50 feet – and I think it's the ideal heatwave buster

It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine

SPYRA water gun in red colorway being used by a woman to shoot water
(Image credit: Spyra)

With the heatwave continuing this week in earnest my mind has turned to summery activities such as BBQs and, yes, water gun fights.

There's nothing better than cooling off while also having tons of fun by shooting jets of cool H2O at your friends and family members, and that is where picking up one of the best water guns on the market can really help. And especially so in a heatwave!

However, my head has just been turned by what I can only describe as the ultimate water gun, with the SpyraTwo absolutely blowing my mind. How did I not know about this elite water gun sooner?!

Take a look at the SpyraTwo in action below.

SpyraTwo water guns in use

(Image credit: Spyra)

The SpyraTwo has wowed me for multiple reasons, and foremost among those is its maximum firing range of 50 feet (that's just over 15 meters!). Most water guns I've used fire up to around 30 feet (10 meters), so this water-throwing weapon has the competition comfortably beat.

Where the SpyraTwo also has most other water guns beat is in its automatic bust firing mechanism, which means that every time you pull the trigger of the blaster it fires a water blast. No pumping the gun or running out of power after one stream – this blaster can shoot again and again, automatically, as it is battery powered (and one battery charge lasts for 2200 trigger pulls).

SpyraTwo water gun in red colorway

(Image credit: Spyra)

Indeed, per internal tank of water used, which refills and re-pressurizes in just 10 seconds, the SpyraTwo can fire 100 water rounds. And, what's more, this ammo count is displayed on the gun's in-built screen, so you always know how many shots you've got left.

I've got to say, I've used a fair few water guns in my time and this looks like the most advanced on the planet today in June 2022. Its 262 glowing 5-star reviews from customers seem to point to a water-based weapon of immense quality and fun, too. Needless to say, I will be picking one of these bad boys imminently to make use of during the heatwave, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on for a full review soon.

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