This terrifying Prime Video chiller guarantees a horrible Halloween

"The world's most terrifying actor" is mesmerising in The Devil's Hour

Peter Capaldi in The Devil's Hour
(Image credit: Amazon)

Looking for something to give you the creeps, the spooks and the screaming heebie-jeebies this Halloween? Peter Capaldi is here to help. He's the star of Amazon Prime Video's new chiller The Devil's Hour, and according to the reviews he'll haunt you long after each episode is over. 

The Devil's Hour is a spooky six-part supernatural chiller with Capaldi at his most unsettling, and according to The Guardian "it's great fun" in a scary kind of way. It's about a woman who wakes up at exactly 3.33am every night, right in the middle of The Devil's Hour, and it's very, very creepy.

Should I stream The Devil's Hour?

There's no consensus on Rotten Tomatoes yet, but The Devil's Hour is sitting with an impressive 7.3 on iMdB and many reviews are glowing. The Guardian describes Capaldi as "the world's most terrifying actor", and the Independent says it's a "haunting thriller" with a plot that's "impossible to summarise [or] understand".

The Telegraph praises the "great performances" by Jessica Raine and Peter Capaldi, and notes that there's a lot of stuff going on that you might miss on a first watch: "you'll need your plot goggles". 

It's definitely not one for casual watching. Den of Geek says that "for most of the six episode run time... it is not entirely clear what the hell is even going on" but "if you watch it with your mates there's going to be a load to talk about after."

The Devil's Hour is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

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