This smart mattress will warn you about potential health issues before your doctor does

It could literally save your life...

DeRUCCI Smart Mattress
(Image credit: DeRUCCI)

There really is nothing better than a good mattress, especially when it's one of the best mattresses currently on the market. Not only do they have the ability to improve posture and eradicate neck pain, but they can also ensure a wonderful night's sleep over and over again. Most people would assume that's all you need when it comes to your mattress. Well, just wait until you hear this...

Launched a few months ago but only recently unveiled at CES 2024, the DeRUCCI T11 Pro Smart Mattress is already making a name for itself in the wellness tech industry. Not only does it look incredibly comfortable, but it's the world's first-ever smart mattress that instantly adjusts to its user's health, designed to optimise sleep. It's also programmed to warn users about potential health issues before they are even aware of them. Intriguing, isn't it? 

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DeRUCCI Smart Mattress

(Image credit: DeRUCCI)

The T11 Pro Smart Mattress features patented AI technologies with 23 flexible sleep/health AI sensors that automatically track subtle changes in position, body temperature, heart rate, and health. It then corresponds with a huge database constructed of 1.08 billion pieces of sleep data, AI software algorithms, smart software/hardware adjustments, and sleep monitoring. The mattress can then connect to other smart home appliances, such as the bedroom's smart thermostat, air conditioner, air purifier, sleep-enhancing lighting, meditation products, sleep aids and many more. 

Leveraging the sleep brand's research in ergonomics and AI, the T11 Pro Smart Mattress is able to adapt to pressure curves during sleep for a more than 40% improvement in spinal health. DeRUCCI’s AI technology analyzes and makes real-time adjustments independently on both sides of the mattress for couples without interfering with the other person, allowing the bed to adapt to an individual’s needs and care. The personalized AI sleep consultant is accessible through the DeRUCCI app, and is able to address sleep-related questions and report sleep feedback to its users. 

It's also designed to evaluate sleep quality and sleep health effectiveness, reducing tossing and turning for a deeper sleep. The mattress also offers graphene far-infared thermal warmth for warming feet, ensuring a more comfortable sleep during the cold winter months.

The DeRUCCI T11 Pro AIoT Smart Mattress is currently available in China and in the US, priced at $8,250.

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