Galaxy X was just the beginning: now Samsung wants to fold your TV up too

Roll up, roll up (your television)

LG rollable display
(Image credit: LG)

The future of smartphones appears to be flexible with a host of foldable phones planned for 2019, and now televisions looks set to follow the folding trend. Or at any rate, a roll-up variation on the folding trend, with a TV that rolls away like a rug, when you’re not watching it. 

Wait, what?

It looks like foldable TVs could be the next step for the cutting-edge technology. Imagine a TV that rolls-up like a scroll, leaving just a slender bar at the base.

This could be a great way to get even larger televisions into rooms limited on space.

The rollable TV has appeared in a new patent which Samsung filed and was spotted by ever reliable LetsGoDigital. This describes a TV that rolls sideways into a large "cassette" for a tidy off-mode. This then rolls out for a large flat display when turned on. 

The flat screen is supported by a vertically placed bar which helps keeps the screen flat. This, presumably, is what would mount to a wall allowing the two edges to draw back into that central point when closed. The drawings also suggest this could work as a stand allowing the roll up TV to be placed wherever it is needed.

Since Samsung has already spent a lot of time and money developing rollable displays for its phones, using them on a wider scale makes sense. Do people really want TVs that roll up like a jam-less Swiss roll? Maybe they will!

Of course this new tech won't be cheap, or appear on shelves to buy anytime soon either. We're hoping this will get unveiled at CES 2019 in January - that’s when the new TV developments for the year usually get announced.