This OLED 4K TV goes from flat to curved at the push of a button

The Skyworth W82 has a super-cool party trick, and still remembers key features such as 4K 120Hz support and Dolby Vision

Skyworth W82 front and back together
(Image credit: Skyworth)

Remember when curved TVs were all the rage, and then they suddenly weren't, when people realised that in most living rooms, flat TVs actually work better? Well the Skyworth W82 is an OLED that wants to bring you the best of both, because with a quick push on the remote, you can change it from flat to curved – and even with different levels of curvature.

I love this approach, because curved screens aren't inherently a bad idea – it depends on how you use them. They're great if one or maybe two people are viewing from a central position, where the curve makes every at the edge more comfortable for your eye to flick over and view. This is why curved gaming monitors for PCs are so popular – they're perfect for this situation.

But in a family room, people might be viewing the TV from all kinds of odd angles, and a curved TV just makes life awkward in that sense.

So here we are. Sitting along in your living room and want a huge curved-screen movie experience just like an IMAX screen? Go nuts. And then when the kids come in, flatten the TV back out so everyone can watch together.

The W82's curve options including going to 1500R (which Skyworth says is ideal for gaming, and the TV will actually automatically switch to this mode when you fire up a console, if you want), and 1000R, which is the same curvature as the human eye, so is great for totally immersing yourself.

The TV's back is split into panels that are inspired by how fish scales work, which is a very cool sentence.

You've got Dolby Vision HDR support, plus 4K 120Hz support over HDMI 2.1, so it really is geared up for gaming.

The 2.1 sound system seems pretty impressive too, with the built-in subwoofer reaching down to 50Hz, so you should be way more thump than most TVs offer. There's Dolby Atmos support. I can't image not pairing this with one of the best soundbars for a full Dolby Atmos effect to be honest, but at least the sound is good if you don't.

It also has a webcam built in, though I'm not sure that's something people are really accepting in their TVs, no matter how many TV makers try to add them.

The Skyworth W82 costs CNY 29,999 (which is around $4,700), though we don't currently know if it'll release outside of China. 

Matthew Bolton

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