This new watch by Orient Star puts the northern lights on your wrist

New M34 F7 by Orient Star is a semi-skeletal automatic watch with a beautiful mother-of-pearl dial

Orient Star M34 F7
(Image credit: Orient Star)

Japanese watchmaker Orient Star has just revealed a pair of new timepieces, each with a beautiful dial made from mother-of-pearl.

The watches are part of an all-new range from Orient Star, called M-Collections. This will eventually expand to include several models, but for now, we have the M34 F7, with its semi-skeletal design and beautiful dial options of brown and blue-green.

They take their design inspiration from the star cluster Perseus, which is a constellation in the northern sky that gets its name from the Greek mythological hero and slayer of monsters. I particularly like the blue-green coloured mother-of-pearl dial, with its close resemblance to the aurora borealis, or northern lights.

Both versions of the M34 F7 have a 40mm stainless steel case with sapphire crystal on the front and the exhibition case back, which gives a view of the automatic movement within. Made in-house by Orient Star itself, the calibre F7F44 movement has 24 jewels and can be hand-wound or left to top up its power reserve with the movement of the wearer’s wrist.

Orient Star M34 F7

(Image credit: Orient Star)

The watch has a power reserve of 50 hours, with the movement partially visible through a skeletal viewing window at the nine o’clock position.

The dial is also home to a set of hour and minute hands finished in an eye-catching bronze colour, while a seconds dial sits at the six o’clock position, below a power reserve indicator that sweeps from 50 hours to zero as energy held by the mainspring is depleted.

Orient Star provides the M34 F7 with a 20mm stainless steel bracelet with tri-fold deployant buckle. Water resistance is 100 metres and the front sapphire crystal has a super anti-reflective coating on both sides to give the wearer a better view of the dial within.

Available now, each colourway is priced at £1,064.99.

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