This is what a £10k wireless speaker looks like

The Sonus Faber SF16 combines '80s looks and modern innovation

Italian audio specialist Sonus Faber has just unveiled its latest deluxe creation - a luxury speaker with motorised speaker pod 'wings' and a sleek retro design. Oh, did we mention the '80s-inspired speaker will set you back a cool £9,900?

Looking like something straight out of Thunderbirds or The Jetsons, this funky slice of high-end audio doesn't just offer a pair of extendable speakers that fold out of the speaker's main body, it also adds in 5cm ceramic midrange drivers (one front-facing, one rear-facing) and two 1cm silk dome tweeters (front-facing and rear-facing). In other words, you're getting some brilliant audio quality for your money.

Sonus Faber wanted to combine all the power and output of a traditional Hi-Fi system and combine in with the compact appearance of a modern streaming device. What you get is a formidable all-in-one device that really helps you 'feel' the music. The SF16 also comes with 'Zero Vibration Transmission', 'Sound Field Shaping' and 'Stealth Reflex System' features that produce a powerful and dynamic output.

We're also a fan of its overall design - the use of solid woods and brushed aluminium in its construction make for a retro design that's both '60s and '80s will look as good as it sounds should you decide to add one to your home.

The fact it's DNLA-compatible, supports plenty of additional music formats (including MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC and WAV) and uses DTS Play-Fi (enabling you to connect and coordinate with up to 16 other DTS Play-Fi-compatible speakers via Wi-Fi) might give you some idea why it's got such a high price tag attached.

The Sonus Faber SF16 will be available worldwide from September 2016 priced at £9,900.

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