This is the most attractive Pixel 2 deal we've ever seen

Google's hot new Pixel 2 smartphone has just had its price reduced by over £200

We really rather liked the Google Pixel 2 on review here at T3 Towers, with us enthused by its distinctive design, awesome camera, and plethora of well-implemented intelligent software.

Indeed, providing you don't mind its modest bezels at the top and bottom of the device, then there really isn't much to dislike with Google's Pixel follow-up. Well, maybe aside from the dearth of decent prices and contracts since launch.

That price complaint though has just been spectacularly blown out of the water thanks to an amazing deal from, who has knocked off over £200 from the lifetime cost of the phone, making it available for a crazy low £75 up front and also bundling in a top sub-£30 contact too.

Check out the full details of the deals below:

Google Pixel 2 64GB | O2 | £125 £75 upfront (use code DEALENVY10 code) | Unlimited calls and texts | 12GB data | £29pm

Back in October when pre-orders opened for the Google Pixel 2 you could hardly find a single price under £1000. Now though, thanks to Black Friday falling just one month after release, there's this sweet deal that sees you pick up the handset for just £75 up front and with a super affordable £29 per month contract that delivers unlimited texts and calls, as well as a whopping 12GB of data. That means the total lifetime price for the phone is well under £800, saving you over £200. Just remember to use the voucher code DEALENVY10!

View Google Pixel 2 deal now at

This is undoubtedly the most affordable Google Pixel 2 deal we've seen at T3 Towers since the phone was released, which it is important to remember was only a month ago. As such, rather than you just getting a discount on a maker's soon to be replaced model, with this deal you are getting Google's newest, most powerful phone and at a super affordable price point.

Want more details? Then head on over to the Google Pixel 2 deal page now.