This is the cheapest way to buy a Secretlab gaming chair

The Secretlab Titan Evo Lite offers the same great build quality in a cheaper package

The Secretlab Titan Evo Lite range
(Image credit: Secretlab)

When it comes to buying the best gaming chair, there's only one brand which most users would look to purchase. Secretlab have been sat atop the market for years now, owing to a combination of brand recognition and decent quality.

That being said, they aren't cheap. Not even close, in fact. The flagship Secretlab Titan Evo starts at £419, but can quickly ascend to the best part of £1,000 if you add extras and finishes.

With that in mind, the brand have launched this – the Secretlab Titan Evo Lite. It's said to be a chair which is more affordable, allowing potential users to buy into the brand without having to break the bank.

Still, don't expect this to be some bargain basement hodge-podge of cheap bits with a Secretlab label thrown on. In a testament to the brands' unerring quest for a good place to sit, this is still a chair worthy of the Secretlab name.

You'll still find premium materials and solid build quality. All of the construction has been crafted by the same minds as the full-fat options, too.

Of course, there are some omissions. For example, there's no small option on the Evo Lite – just the Regular and XL. You'll also find a plastic base on the Regular variant. That's aluminium on the TITAN Evo and XL variant of the Evo Lite.

Arguably the biggest difference comes on the backrest, though. There, a fixed lumbar support system can be found. That means there is no scope to adjust your lumbar support positioning, which could be problematic for some users.

There are five finish options on offer here. Two of those use a PRIME 2.0 Leatherette, with an all Black option and their famous Stealth finish, with gold and yellow accents.

You can also pick this model up in the original SoftWeave fabric – note that is not the same as the SoftWeave 2.0 found on the full-fat model. There, a standard issue Black option is paired with two of the most popular Secretlab finishes – Charcoal Blue and Cookies & Cream.

So, what will all of this set you back? The Titan Evo Lite is set to retail for £389 / $449. In my opinion, that's incredibly close to the standard model. It really does beg the question – who is opting for this model? I think most users ready to pay that price would suck it up to pay for the standard model with better features.

Still, there are sure to be users out there with a strict budget. And if that strict budget is exactly £389, and it must say Secretlab on the top, this is an option for you.

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