This is the Black Friday mattress deal I would buy

One of the best mattresses out there is $500 off – here's why the Eight Sleep Pod Pro is worth snapping up this Black Friday

Eight Sleep Black Friday deal
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If anyone asks what's the best mattress to buy, I don't hesitate. You can spend as much or as little on a mattress as you like, though to get a good one you do need to invest. 

The type of mattress you go for often comes down to personal preference. The hardness you like as well as the choice between foam and sprung mattresses. Though these days, most sprung models are more like hybrids. You can get soft hybrids and firmer foam offerings but on the whole foam-only options tend to be softer. 

My choice of mattress however isn't really about any of that. Mostly it's having a mattress that you can cool down and heat up to your perfect temperature – cool in the summer, toasty warm in the winter. And for that, I highly recommend the Eight Sleep Pod Pro (opens in new tab)

The Pod Pro isn't really a mattress. Yes, it includes a mattress but the clever part is actually in the topper. Woven into the topper is a series of sensors and tiny tubes that carry water across its surface. The sensors provide sleep tracking and ambient temperature, including heart rate, breathing and movement. 

A desktop computer-sized hub sits beside the bed, plugged into the mattress and connected to your home wi-fi. It's this hub that heats or cools the water and pumps it over the surface of the mattress. Though you can set your desired temperature, the system monitors your sleep pattern and changes temperature through the night to achieve the best sleep. 

To wake you up in the morning, it heats the bed up and can even offer a subtle vibration as an alarm. The other great thing is that all the settings are unique for each side of the bed, so your partner can have a completely different temperature to you. 

Getting into a bed that's just the right temperature is a game-changer. It was in the heat of the summer, sliding into cool sheets but it's even nicer in the winter having a warm bed to get into. 

All the sleep data it provides is great too and lets you track how well you're sleeping. But the thing is, I know I'm sleeping better in the Eight Sleep Pod Pro, so I don't check it as much as I did when I first got it. 

The mattress itself isn't for everyone. It's a 12-inch five-layer foam mattress that's pretty comfortable but lacks the edge support and lack of movement of some premium hybrid mattresses. Luckily though, you can buy just the Pod Pro cover (opens in new tab) and put it on any mattress you choose, so if you prefer something a little more solid you can do that. The cover is also now available in the UK too, so even more people can enjoy it. 

This Black Friday, both the Pod Pro and the Pod Pro cover have decent discounts. You can get $200 off the Pod Pro cover and $500 off the Pod Pro mattress. Buy it now and thank me later. 

Black Friday Eight Sleep deals US

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Eight Sleep Pod Pro Queen: was $3095, now $2595 at Eight Sleep (opens in new tab)
Save $500 (16%) on the queen-sized Pod Pro. This water-cooled (and heated) mattress combines comfort and app-based reporting to deliver a better sleep.

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Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover: was $1695, now $1495 at Eight Sleep (opens in new tab)
Save $200 (12%) on the Pod Pro Cover. This zips onto any 10-16in mattress and is available in sizes from full to Cali King.

Black Friday Eight Sleep deals UK

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Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover (UK): was £1272, now £1122 at Eight Sleep (opens in new tab)
Save £150 (12%) on the Pod Pro Cover. This zips onto any 25-40cm mattress and is available in double and king-size versions.

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