This is the best month to get Game Pass ever, and not just for Starfield

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If you've got one of the best gaming laptops or an Xbox Series X, then you've probably got Xbox Game Pass. If not then you're missing out on the best deal in gaming, but don't worry. September looks like the perfect time to start subscribing. 

Of course, Starfield is the most talked about game in the world right now, with it set to hit Game Pass on the 6th of September (you can preload it right now). Bethesda's 'Skyrim in space' sure looks impressive (and isn't coming to PS5) but that's not the only reason I'm excited. 

There's another title that I personally have been looking forward to for the best part of ten years. Payday 3.  A game with previous instalments that I have purchased on PS3 and PS4, but that I will soon be able to play for free on launch on Game Pass. Nice. 

A co-op shooter that leans particularly well into its bank robber theme, the Payday series is a blast and with ten years having passed since its predecessor originally launched I'm itching to get the gang back together. But that's still not all Game Pass has to offer this September.

Payday 3

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There are a handful of top-rated indie titles to discover coming to Game Pass in September. The first of them is Gris on September 5th. This beautiful action platformer has an impressive 84% on reviews aggregator Metacritic and is one that might have you reaching for the tissues. It reminds me a bit of Limbo, speaking of Limbo, lead designer Jeppe Carlsen will also be bringing Game Pass subscribers a September treat with new puzzler Cocoon which will hit the service when it launches on the 29th. 

Of course, PlayStation does have its own PlayStation Plus subscription service with some great games, but it can't really compete with the number of day 1 launches on Game Pass. Sony's next big exclusive, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 for instance will almost certainly not be on the service for some time. 

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