This is the best Black Friday deal I've seen for EA Sports FC 24

A deal worthy of the Premier League

EA Sports FC 24
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If you like video games then Black Friday is usually the time to pick up a great deal on the best titles and it looks like the same applies this year. 

BestBuy is offering EA Sports FC 24 for $29.99 on either PS5 or Xbox Series X. The follow-up to the Fifa franchise, this latest title features stars and clubs from almost all the major European soccer leagues and both the MLS and NWSL with the latest rosters. 

New this year is the ability to be able to use female players in the ever-popular Ultimate Team mode, which is a game-changer. Now you can have the likes of Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe and Alex Morgan on the same team!  

EA Sports FC 24 (PS5/Xbox Series X): was $69.99 now $29.99 at Best Buy

EA Sports FC 24 (PS5/Xbox Series X): was $69.99 now $29.99 at Best Buy
The leading soccer series returns with a new name. Play as all the biggest stars from around the world. You can now even play Ultimate Team with male and female players on the same team! The new playstyle system gives players more personality and differences than ever before.

That's not all the changes however. The most noticeable is probably the brand Playstyle system. This awards players certain traits based on their real life abilities such as their shooting, passing, dribbling and heading. Players with the finesse shot trait for example will be particularly lethal with shots that curve, while those with the aerial trait will be able to jump higher. It's a novel way of categorising players beyond just their stats and gives them more personality. 

Also new to Ultimate Team is the ability to 'evolve' your players. Now you can permanently improve the ratings of your favourite players by fulfilling a range of challenges. This should further improve the individuality of everyone's teams. 

Ultimately though the most important thing is that EA Sports FC 24 plays a good game of soccer, and that is definitely the case. 

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