This high-end Bluetooth turntable is half price for Record Store Day

Save a whopping £424 on this award-winning Cambridge Audio turntable

Cambridge Audio Alva ST Turntable
(Image credit: Cambridge Audio)

It's Record Store Day on Saturday 22 April, and that doesn't just mean your favourite artists offering exclusive vinyl. It also means Cambridge Audio taking a whopping £424 off a turntable to play them on.

The turntable in question is the Cambridge Audio Alva ST, which normally retails at £849. But on Saturday it'll be available from Cambridge's retail pals Richer Sounds for a much more affordable £424.

So what do you get for your money?

What's so great about the Cambridge Audio Alva ST?

The spec here is very impressive, especially when it comes to wireless. The Alva ST has aptX HD output, so you get much better sound quality than with a basic bluetooth turntable. It delivers up to 24-bit resolution at 48KHz, which is better than CD quality without the need for any cabling.

Cabling's an option too, of course: the switchable, built-in phono stage connects to any hi-fi system with an Aux input via RCA cable connections. 

Cambridge Audio promises stellar sound quality through the combination of the "legendary" Audio Technica AT-VME cartridge (which is upgradeable for even better audio when you've got the cash) and a rigid tone arm with adjustable anti-skating.

At £849 the Alva ST attracted good reviews from audio bloggers and customers; at £424 it looks like an even more attractive audio investment. If you want the warmth of vinyl with the convenience of cable-free connections, or if you're looking to upgrade an existing cabled turntable, it's definitely worth considering.

Carrie Marshall

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