This Grinch-inspired bed looks as comfortable as it does festive

You’re a cosy one, Mr Grinch! Introducing the Grouch Bed for a good Christmas night’s sleep

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Can’t get enough of the Grinch? Well, what if I told you that you can sleep in a bed that looks just like the iconic Christmas character?!

For the festive season, UK bed retailer, Happy Beds has launched the world’s first ‘Grouch’ themed Christmas bed. Yes, it’s as fun and ridiculous as it sounds! The perfect bed to get you in the holiday spirit, the Grouch Bed has been described as “more than just a cosy spot to rest your head - it’s an immersive experience that will make you want to stare into the abyss all day, not just as 4:30pm like the green-eyed creature himself.”

With Christmas right around the corner, the holiday season will be filled with late nights and long naps, while also catching up with friends and family and drinking more than normal. During this time of year, it’s easy to put sleep on the back burner but it actually should be prioritised so you can enjoy the celebrations.

For some Christmas whimsy, the Happy Beds Grouch Bed is cosy, full of storage and has clever features like an integrated alarm clock. Taking a look at the bed, it’s obvious what it’s inspired by as the bed frame is a vibrant lime green colour with fluffy eyebrows and hair on the headboard, reminiscent of the Grinch. If you don’t fancy a bed with eyebrows all year round, these accents can be removed so you still have a comfortable and stylish bed during all seasons and holidays.

While the Grouch Bed doesn’t come with the best mattress, the double sized bed frame is designed for a restful night’s sleep and maximum storage. Underneath the bed are spacious compartments where you can keep clothing, shoes and Chrisitams presents.

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The most impressive part of the Grouch Bed is its built-in music and alarm clock features. To help you fall asleep peacefully and quickly, the Grouch Bed has integrated music so you can play calming songs, white noise and guided meditation tracks.

While the Grouch Bed is designed to be as comfortable as possible so you can ‘wallow in self pity and stare into the abyss’ like the Grinch does, the bed actually makes it easier for you to wake up in the morning. Integrated into the bed is an alarm clock that wakes you up to the sound of the Grouch’s grumbling. It can also read things out to you!

Is the Grouch Bed weird and wacky? Yes, but thanks to the removable accents, it can be used all year round, without the Grinch’s key characteristics. With music and alarms built in, it’s a comfortable and supportive bed frame which adds fun, storage and a pop of colour to your bedroom.

This exclusive double bed from Happy Beds is available for a limited time and costs £484.98. To order the bed, customers will have to contact Happy Beds, or they can use the Build Your Own Bed page to make the bed without the Grinch accents.

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