This Fitbit Inspire 2 Black Friday deal makes it the best value fitness tracker

It's half price right now, meaning you get a whole lot of kit for less

Fitbit Inspire 2
(Image credit: Fitbit)

When you're trawling through the best Black Friday deals, you'll likely see a lot of no-name smartwatches for unbelievable prices. These can look appealing, but rarely have the feature set of more established brands.

That's why it's so good to see a brand like Fitbit come out with a really great deal. Right now, you can get the Fitbit Inspire 2 for half price at Amazon!

Fitbit Inspire 2: was (opens in new tab)

Fitbit Inspire 2: was £89.99, now £44.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
It may be a generation older now, but the Fitbit Inspire 2 still packs a punch – even more so at this price! You'll get a decent complement of features without laying out massive sums of money. Win-win.

For just £44.99, you get a whole lot of fitness tracking goodness. The Fitbit Inspire 2 really excels with things like Sleep Tracking, Step Counting and managing stress levels. Plus, with Fitbit's Active Zone Minutes, you can keep better track of how far you're pushing your body during workouts.

Sure, it's primitive compared to something like an Apple Watch, but if that's what you want then you're in the wrong place. This is designed to be much less intrusive, sitting on your wrist, tracking your health and wellbeing, without feeling the need to stay glued to it 24/7.

It keeps tracking all day, too, meaning every little thing you do will be counted. No more feeling cheated out of the calories burnt on your commute because you forgot to hit 'Start' on the tracker.

With the Sleep Tracking functionality, you get data on your time spent in light, deep and REM sleep stages, for a really accurate insight into the quality of your sleep.

Its iconic rectangular design is very easy-to-wear and will feel effortless, even when worn overnight. It's a super lightweight design, too, which goes even further to make it comfortable. 

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