This cheapest-ever AirPods Max Black Friday deal makes them a price I'd actually pay

Get Apple’s very best headphones for a record low price with Appliances Direct Black Friday deals

AirPods Max Black Friday deal at Appliances Direct
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If you want the best Black Friday deals on the best Apple headphones, here's a brilliant one: you can get Apple’s astonishingly good AirPods Max for a record low price from Appliances Direct. There’s a whopping £150 off, taking the price down to just £399 instead of the £549 RRP. When you consider how small the discounts on Apple hardware tend to be, that’s hold-the-front-page stuff.

• Apple AirPods Max: was £549, now £399 at Appliances Direct

In our AirPods Max review we said that they were an “incredible piece of engineering” but “it’s just a shame that the cost will put them out of reach for so many.” I’ll be honest, I’m really tempted. They're so good, but I couldn't justify the price to myself in the past – but with nearly 30% off, the audiophile devil on my shoulder is being very persuasive indeed.

If you’re not familiar with the AirPods Max, they’re arguably the best sounding and most comfortable wireless headphones you can buy – and Apple’s integration with your other Apple kit is absolutely superb. The noise cancelling is fantastic, the sound is beautifully open and natural, and the only downside is that they’re very expensive – except now they’re considerably less so. 

This is one of the best Apple AirPods Black Friday deals we’re likely to see, so if you’ve been havering about getting these headphones this would be a really good time to take your audio to the Max. 

Apple AirPods Max: was £549, now £399 at Appliances Direct

Apple AirPods Max: was £549, now £399 at Appliances Direct
Save £150 and get yourself the best headphones Apple has ever made. These are astonishing over-ears with superb integration with your Apple devices, excellent noise cancelling and beautiful, involving sound, and at this price they're incredibly attractive.

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