This Cambridge Audio amp and streamer has a cool connection with Back to the Future

The Cambridge Audio Evo 150 DeLorean Edition takes styling cues from the famous time-travelling supercar

Cambridge Audio Evo 150 DeLorean Edition
(Image credit: Cambridge Audio)

We're used to seeing audio firms and musicians team up with famous car brands; recent high profile examples include B&W and McLaren and and Mercedes. But until now nobody's teamed up with one of the most famous car firms of all time: DeLorean. The DMC-12 supercar was the real star of the Back To The Future movies, and it was clearly a star in Elon Musk's mind when Tesla designed the Cybertruck. And now it can be the star of your sound system too.

The new Cambridge Audio Evo 150 DeLorean Edition takes its design cues from the DMC-12, albeit without Doc's time-travelling customisations. It comes with two magnetic body kits, one of which echoes the grille and logos of the DMC-12. The other is based on the design of DeLorean's forthcoming luxury sports coupe. The VU meters pictured will be available via a software update in May 2024.

Cambridge Audio Evo 150 DeLorean Edition: key features

Behind the supercar styling there's an old friend: the Evo 150 streamer, the all-in-one integrated amplifier and network music player that our colleagues at What Hi-Fi gave the full five stars to. 

The Evo 150 has 150W of built-in amplification and wide streaming support via the StreamMagic app. You can also control the device with the dual-concentric rotary dial, and the 6.8-inch LCD panel is ideal for showing off album artwork as well as the forthcoming UV meters.

This isn't Cambridge Audio's first rodeo with DeLorean: back in 2022 it announced that it would be developing the sound system for the car company's new generation of electric vehicles including the Alpha5 EV.

It's worth pointing out that while the DeLorean brand goes back to the 1980s, the company here has no connection to the original DeLorean Motor Company, which was shut down before the first Back To The Future movie was made: that firm went bankrupt in 1982. This DeLorean is a completely different company: it was founded in 1995 and bought the brand assets and parts inventory, enabling the DeLorean name to continue without bringing along any of its considerable baggage.

The Cambridge Audio Evo 150 DeLorean Edition is available now in North America and Asia, and from April 2024 across Europe. Its RRP is £2,099 / €2,499 / $3,199 from and selected retailers.

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