This awful Apple Watch reminds us that Apple wasn't always so stylish

Apple has a few badly dressed skeletons in the cupboard...

We're eagerly awaiting the new Apple Watch, and while we still don't know everything about what to expect from the iPhone maker's first smartphone, we are pretty confident that it will be a stylish and attractive affair.

For the past few years Apple has made a name for itself by releasing a series of beautifully designed devices that have made Apple products some of the most desirable in the world.

However there was a time before Sir Jony Ives, who has designed some of Apple's most stylish devices, and as this image of an Apple Watch from 1995 shows, the Cupertino company wasn't always so hip.

The Apple Watch of 2015 will bring together some of the hottest tech and apps. Meanwhile the garish monstrosity that is the Apple Watch of 1995 manages to encapsulate everything thing that was wrong with both '90s fashion and '90s Apple, all in one convenient timepiece.

At least Apple wasn't charging for it, as it was free for everyone who upgraded to Macintosh System 7.5.

Apple's fashion faux pas

Most of us look back at the 80s and 90s with a sense of horror over our questionable fashion choices, and Apple has had a fair few howlers when it comes to aesthetics.

Flower Power iMac

The bulky iMacs weren't particularly great looking, but the special edition Flower Power iMac from 2001 had a particularly vomit-some design that tried to capture the spirit of the swinging 60s, but instead came off like an embarrassing dad trying to squeeze into some old flared trousers.

Newton MessagePad

The iPad is an iconic device that revitalised the tablet market, and even the harshest Apple critics have to admit that the iPad Air 2 is a gorgeous device. Apple's first hand held digital assistant device, the Newton MessagePad, wasn't quite as blessed in the looks department.

Launched in 1993, the device is often named as the early precursor to the iPad. Unfortunately it wasn't as popular, with a bulky and ugly shape that put people off.

The iBook G3

In 1999 our eyes were assaulted by the iBook G3, a plastic-encased laptop that came in a range of obnoxious colours. There are elements of Apple's future design choices in there, but on the most part this is one ugly looking laptop.