This aluminium and Italian leather carry-on suitcase is both stylish AND practical

The Carry-on by Carl Friedrik also features a removable battery for charging your phone

Carry-on by Carl Friedrik
(Image credit: Carl Friedrik)

Featuring a rigid aluminium frame and Italian leather detailing, the Carry-on is a new suitcase by Carl Friedrik that is practical, stylish and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The case - which is carry-on sized, of course - has a dark grey polycarbonate shell and leather detailing offered in cognac, chocolate and black. The vegetable-tanned Vachetta leather handle promises to age over time and develop a tasteful patina the more you use it.

Inside, a large zip compartment sits on one side, with compression straps on the other. That way, your clean and dirty clothes can easily be kept separate.

(Image credit: Carl Friedrik)

The case measures 39 x 55 x 22.5cm (15.4 x 21.6 x 8.8 inches) and weighs 3.7kg (8.2 lbs).

An optional and removable battery slots into the case and provides power through a USB port located behind the deployable handle - the perfect place to quickly top up your phone while waiting in the airport lounge.

The case does without zips and is instead secured with a pair of TSA-approved combination locks, and the case sits on four Japanese-designed Hinomoto wheels to help it glide smoothly and silently from check-in to the gate.

(Image credit: Carl Friedrik)

As well as the battery pack, another optional extra is to have your initials written in silver or gold on the leather handle - handy for spotting your bag on the arrivals conveyor belt.

Carl Friedrik sells directly from its website and offers free shipping to the US, UK and Europe. The Carry-on currently costs from £295, which is 10% off the normal price, and that saving remains in place until March 19. 

Pre-orders are open now and shipping begins on March 20.

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