This 30-day £5 SIM only deal is ideal to keep your old phone going until Black Friday

Saving money on mobiles, the smart way

This 30-day £5 SIM only deal is ideal to keep your old phone going until Black Friday

SIM only deals can save you a lot of money whichever you look at them and we've got a corker for you today. We're especially keen on it as it has a decent amount of data for you to use each month and it's a rolling 30-day contract, meaning you're not tied down for long at all.

We've found that both 30-day and 12-month SIM only deals, if you shop around, are so much cheaper than a new mobile phone contract. 30-day deals are ideal if you've come to the end of your current contract and are undecided on what phone to get next. Or more likely, these short-term SIM-only deals are excellent to keep you going until Black Friday, when the big flagship phones get their best deals. We're talking discount time on the Samsung Galaxy S9, iPhone X and upcoming handsets like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone 9 and many more, too.

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Sure, you could just keep your expired phone contract rolling over-month-by-month until you spot a new contract you want, but we're fairly certain you're still paying over the odds for the minutes and data allowances you're getting – you've paid off the phone itself now, remember!

The best SIM only deal in the UK this week

iD SIM only | 1 month rolling contract | 2.25GB | 5000 texts | 250 mins | £5 a month
iD uses the same mobile network as Three, so you've got great UK coverage. This deal is usually £5 for just 1GB of data, so the increase to 2.25GB is excellent value – nobody does more data for less, even on a 12-month deal. Worried about the amount of data? Unless you're a serial streamer away from Wi-Fi, we generally find this is plenty for most users. You probably have a function in your phone's settings somewhere that shows you how much mobile data you use each month outside of Wi-Fi to give you an idea. And yes, you can keep your old phone number even from a different network.
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If you do need more data or minutes, there are plenty of other options to consider. If you're quite content with your current phone, there are some decent 12-month options available too. Check out our SIM only comparison chart below and adjust the filters to your requirements to find the right fit for you.

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