These Porsche-designed Xboxes look racey

Motorsport meets Microsoft for limited edition consoles

Xbox Series X Porsche
(Image credit: Porsche)

It may not actually make it load games faster, but everyone wants racing stripes on their Xbox right? Well, Porsche and Xbox have now teamed up to create not one but six incredible bespoke designs. Normally consoles are hidden under desks and tables but these beauties deserve to be shown off. 

The car manufacturer, celebrating its 75th birthday, has revealed the Xbox Series X consoles and controllers that turn the uninspiring block shape of the console (and controllers) into retro masterpieces which frankly, I would do anything for. The designs are based on Porsche's Illustrious history in motorsport, including celebrating their Le Man victories in 1970 and 1998. The liveries also feature some of their more outlandish designs such as the famous "Pink Pig" so called because all of the parts were labelled like butchers cuts and the "Porsche Hippie", which reminds me of the Mystery Inc Gang from Scooby Doo in all the best ways. 

Porsche Xbox Series X

(Image credit: Porsche)

This is normally when I would open my wallet with glee and shout "Shut up and take my money!" but sadly, you can't buy these Xboxes. Instead, they will be given away as prizes in the next four months. If you live in the U.S., U.K. or Germany you can enter now at I'd say good luck but I want to win! The winners will be announced at various gaming and car events.

Porsche cars have long been featured in video games, particularly the Need for Speed and Forza series. With Forza Horizon 5 on Game Pass, F1 2023 launching this week and F1 Manager 2023 coming in August, this is the perfect console to make it a glorious race-filled summer. Not to mention the Gran Turismo movie. 

It seems like we won't be getting an Xbox Series X Pro anytime soon, but if I had one of these beauties I wouldn't care a bit. Here's hoping we see at least one, or even just a controller, become available to buy.

Andy Sansom
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