These new Wolf watch accessories are made from cork & recycled canvas

New watch box, roll and winder feature hexagonal design and sustainable materials

Wolf Cortica collection
(Image credit: Wolf)

Wolf, a maker of luxury watch and jewellery accessories, has announced a new collection made from cork and recycled canvas.

The three-part lineup is called Cortiça and includes a triple watch roll, a watch box with space for four timepieces, and a single watch winder for keeping an automatic movement correctly wound.

All three items are made from what Wolf describes as sustainably-grown Portuguese cork and feature interiors made from khaki green recycled canvas. The trio of pieces feature a unique hexagonal design with chrome detailing.

The largest item is actually the most affordable, with the four-piece watch box being priced at £319. Measuring 24.7cm wide, the box has a hinged glass lid and individual storage for four watches, each wrapped around a piece of recycled canvas sat within the cork structure.

Wolf Cortica watch box

(Image credit: Wolf)

Next up is the £355 triple watch roll. Also made from cork with a khaki green canvas interior, the cylindrical centre can be removed and is hollow, providing space for accessories like cufflinks, watch straps and other pieces of jewellery.

Finally, the Cortiça collection includes a watch winder priced at £605. With space for a single timepiece, the winder has a hinged glass front and is powered by either the included AC plug adapter, or with AA batteries (not included).

The watch holder locks into place on the rotator drum, which then rotates 900 times per day using Wolf’s patented rotation program. This sees the bidirectional winder work through several pause and intermittent-rotation phases to wind up an automatic watch. The winder measures 14 x 17 x 15cm.

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