These Halloween costume deals in the Prime Day sale are scarily good

Don't get a fright at the cost of Halloween outfits this year, but them in the Prime Big Deal Days sale!

Halloween costume deals
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Halloween is less than three weeks away, so this is your yearly reminder to get your costume sorted early, or risk turning up to a party in a bedsheet. Good Halloween outfits can be pricey though, so do what I did and buy them in the Amazon Prime Day sale

Yes, among the thousands of deals and discounts as part of the Prime Big Deal Days event and a number of great costumes for Halloween. If you have a party coming up, or just need to dress the kids for trick or treating, my advice is to buy now and save that cash. 

I searched through a range of options last night to find not just the cheapest prices, but the outfits that look the best. These are some of my top picks. 

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T3's top Prime Day Halloween deals

Scary Halloween LED mask: now £11.04 at AmazonSave 45%

Scary Halloween LED mask: now £11.04 at Amazon (was £19.99)
Save 45% – If you want something simple for a night out, this light-up mask and gloves looks really effective. Pair it with a black hoodie and you're good to go.

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad costume: now £27.12 at AmazonSave 15%

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad costume: now £27.12 at Amazon (was £31.91)
Save 15% – Get the full Margot Robbie look with this full Harley Quinn outfit (baseball bat and wig separate)

The Joker costume (Kids size): now £20.99 at AmazonSave 30%

The Joker costume (Kids size): now £20.99 at Amazon (was £29.99)
Save 30% – This official DC Comics Joker Costume has the full look, including the mask.

Scary clown costume: now £28.76 at AmazonSave 32%

Scary clown costume: now £28.76 at Amazon (was £41.99)
Save 32% – What's scarier than a clown? How about a clown covered in blood? Yup, that'll do it. 

Dark Knight rises Batman costume: now £38.50 at Amazon

Dark Knight rises Batman costume: now £38.50 at Amazon (was £53.99)
Save 29% – It's Halloween, you need to dress up. What more excuse do you need to dress as Batman? There are some pricier versions out there that look incredible but if you want a bargain, this is a great option.

Inflatable Alien costume: now £27.99 at AmazonSave 26%

Inflatable Alien costume: now £27.99 at Amazon (was £37.99)
Save 26% – I love these fake leg costumes. This one looks like you're being abducted by an alien and is bound to raise a laugh.

Horror Rabbit costume: now £15.59 at Amazon

Horror Rabbit costume: now £15.59 at Amazon (was £25.99)
Save 40% – The name says it all. It's a rabbit with a apron covered in blood and a blow-up chain saw. I'm already having nightmares.

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