These cute AirPods Beanies are iPod Socks reborn

Keep your AirPods cosy with this retro-inspired beanie accessory

AirPods Beanies
(Image credit: Native Union)

The colder nights are drawing in here in the UK. Once again, the temperature plummets and we're forced to wheel out the winter jackets to keep ourselves warm. But what about our gadgets: what's keeping them warm and protected? Now thanks to some savvy Native Union designers, you can pick up an AirPods version of the famous protective iPod Sock just in time for the iPod's 20th anniversary.

Called AirPods Beanies, the nostalgic accessory is compatible with all AirPods, including the AirPods Pro, and makes a great stocking filler. Shipping in packs of four, the AirPods Beanie promises to safeguard your headphones against knocks, bumps, and general frosty temperatures to ensure they remain in tip-top condition and able to perform as the best true wireless earbuds should do.

According to Native Union, which specializes in many times of essentials on top of the new AirPods Beanies, the new accessory is an extended invitation to take a trip down memory lane. Marking the 20th anniversary of the iPod, the AirPods Beanies is an iPod Sock for the 21st century.

You can mix up the beanie accessories, as well, depending on what kind of mood you find yourself in on any given day. The pack contains four different pastel colors, all with their own individual tone and flavor. Native Union explains that its beanies are "as bright, colorful, and instantly recognizable as the original accessory," in what is a clear homage to the Steve Jobs and the original iPod Socks back in the 2000s.

AirPods Beanies

(Image credit: Native Union)

The product itself is made from 100% recycled materials (nylon and elastane), which is a nice touch from the Native Union folks, and ensures that the product isn't causing lasting environmental damage if heaps of people end up kitting their AirPods out with miniature beanies. 

You can pick up a pack of four hats for €19.99 / AU$29.95 on the Native Union website. Delivery is free, but Native Union expects a delay of one or two weeks before people receive the item due to ongoing delivery issues that are impacting lots of industries besides that of...well...teeny-weeny beanie manufacturing.

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