These Bentley-branded Bomber skis are perfect for your next Alpine adventure

The 2022/23 collection includes limited-edition skis, a carbon and Kevlar helmet, and ski poles

Bentley x Bomber skis
(Image credit: Bentley)

The 2022 ski season is almost upon us, so what better way to upgrade your gear than with a set of Bentley skis?

Made in collaboration with snow sports company Bomber, the 2022 collection includes a pair of Bentley-branded skis limited to just 200 pairs worldwide, plus a carbon and Kevlar helmet, and ski poles with handles designed to look like a Bentley gear shifter.

The skis are presented in a highly polished, white and grey finish, with six silver-plated 3D diamond emblems made of brass-polished nickel. The diamond-shape design is inspired by the three-dimensional leather panels available on the door cards of current Bentley vehicles.

It is claimed each pair of skis takes 32 hours to produce, and they offer a finish that Bentley says is “rare to find in the ski market.” The carmaker also explains: “The skis feature compound and ABS sidewalls which, beyond finesse, reinforce structural support, enhance agility and offer a new level of comfort.”

Bentley x Bomber skis 2022/23

(Image credit: Bentley)

The skis are described as being suitable for skiers of all levels of experience, and they are claimed to adapt to all terrains from ice, to groomed pistes, to fresh powder.

New for the 2022/23 ski season, the Bentley x Bomber ski poles are made from carbon and aluminium, and feature grips designed to look like Bentley gear shifters, and which are covered in soft leather.

Also new for this season is a Bentley-branded helmet. The shell is made from Kevlar sandwiched by two layers of carbon fibre, while the core is made of expanded polystyrene “for enhanced shock absorption” and there is of course soft Bentley leather. The helmet also features an integrated but removable photochromic visor, and inside there’s a so-called “Solid Fragrance Release system” by Oikos Fragrances.

This year’s collection joins Bentley x Bomber ski equipment from previous years, including a set of black skis (also limited to 200 examples) and a pair featuring 24-karat gold-plated emblems to celebrate 100 years since the creation of the Bentley brand, limited to 100 pairs.

Available to order now, the 2022/23 skis are priced at $2,750 (about £2,250), the helmet is $995, and the poles are $275.

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