Work-from-home Theragun deal: save £135/$150 on these top-notch percussion massagers in the UK and US

Stress-free prices for maximum muscle relief

theragun deal percussion massager sale
(Image credit: Theragun)

These percussion massager deals from Theragun will come in extra handy for people who have to work from home right now. We can picture many people on their sofas, slouching over their laptops, back feeling extra tense already. Apart from WFH office warriors, the Theragun percussion massager range are also the perfect massage tool for athletes and sportspeople too, so even if you are not working from home, you might find these Theragun deals enticing nevertheless.

Better still, Theragun is running the sale across its US and UK stores too, so people on both sides of the pond can get their paws on these amazing devices for less. For limited time only!

• Save up to £135 on portable percussion massagers at Theragun UK

• Save up to $150 on portable percussion massagers at Theragun US

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Theragun G3PRO | Sale price £414 | Was £549 | Save £135 at Theragun UK
This top-tier Theragun massager comes with two batteries and no less than six different attachments, like the Dampener for tender areas or near bones, the Large Ball for large muscle groups, the Standard Ball for overall use, the Wedge for scraping, shoulder blades, or IT bands, the Thumb for lower back and trigger point therapy and the Cone for pinpoint muscle treatment. No knots will be left untreated with this amazing set.View Deal

Theragun G3 | Sale price £300 | Was £375 | Save £75 at Theragun UK
The Theragun G3 comes with four attachments and provides up to 40 lbs worth of pressure to un-stress your aching muscles. Whether you are seeking relief from sitting at a table all day or because you are training for your next marathon, the G3 will effectively make you feel better. And does it in silence, being Theragun's most quiet machine yet.View Deal

Theragun Liv | Sale price £179 | Was £229 | Save £50 at Theragun UK
The Liv is most affordable advanced deep muscle treatment machine, and now it got even cheaper. It comes with two attachments and the same high-spec motor to rid the pain that bothers you. Black Friday-beating price!View Deal