Theragun Pro Plus review: Theragun's most innovative massage gun yet

The Theragun Pro Plus looks sleeker and is packed with a ton of new features to optimise recovery, although you may not use them all

Theragun Pro Plus review: a picture of the Pro Plus lent up against a wall
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The Theragun Pro Plus has plenty of new cutting-edge features than its predecessor, including a built-in heart rate sensor, an LED light, breathwork programmes, heat therapy, vibration therapy and there’s even an option for cold therapy too (although you will need to purchase this head attachment separately). Some of these are probably overkill for the average user, but they certainly make it the most sophisticated Theragun yet.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Offers percussive, vibration, heat & cold therapy (although this head is sold separately)

  • +

    Comes with 5 attachment heads

  • +

    Red LED light to boost circulation

  • +

    New wellness features, including a built-in heart rate reader and breathwork programme

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Pretty heavy, so not great for travel

  • -

    A lot of the new features aren't a necessity for the average person

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These days (much like workout shoes), new massage guns are being released left right and centre and, to an extent, many of them are the same. After all, how can you make a massage gun that different? At least, that’s what I thought, until Theragun released the Pro Plus.  

When I first saw the Pro Plus at an event earlier this year, I was pleasantly surprised as it’s got plenty of new innovative upgrades to its predecessor, which arguably make it like no other massage gun on the market. But are all these new bells and whistles worth it? I put the Pro Plus to the test for four weeks to see how well it performs, and compares, to its 5th Generation sibling and other massagers on the market.

Theragun Pro Plus review: Price and availability

The Theragun Pro Plus was released in October 2023 in the US and then in the UK in March 2024. It’s available to buy directly from Theragun UK, Theragun US and Theragun AU, for a recommended retail price of £549/US $599/AU $899. 

Theragun Pro Plus review: specification

  • Weight: 1.65kg (without attachments)
  • Speed: 5 settings
  • Battery life: 120 minutes
  • Charge time: Doesn’t say
  • Number of attachment heads: 7 (including heated and vibration head)

Theragun Pro Plus review: Design and build quality

Theragun Pro Plus review: a close up of the LED light on the Pro Plus and the heart rate sensor

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The Pro Plus looks like a more ‘refreshed’ version of the Theragun Pro (5th gen). Although they don’t look hugely dissimilar, the Pro Plus has a more squashed-down, chunkier appearance, which somehow makes it look sleeker. The popular triangular handle has been kept, covered in a soft rubber coating, which this time is textured, not smooth. This could possibly be to aid better grip.

Weighing 1.65kg (40 grams heavier than the Pro) this isn’t the most travel-friendly massage gun out there, and it’s definitely one of the heaviest massage guns I’ve tested to date. Even though it comes in a nice travel case, this isn’t small, so if you were after something more compact you’d probably be best opting for its sibling, the Theragun Mini.

There are some noticeable differences though, such as the LED light on the outside of the handle and the biometric sensor on the inside of the handle. We’ll jump into more details on these below. 

Theragun Pro Plus review: features

Theragun Pro Plus review: the seven different attachment heads for the Pro Plus

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The Pro Plus is packed with lots of new cutting-edge features. As well as providing 16mm percussive massage therapy, it also offers heat therapy with three different temperatures to help warm up the muscles or relieve them after training. I used this attachment head a lot and it really does get to a decent warm temperature. There’s also the option for cold therapy, although you have to buy this attachment head separately (£79), and vibration therapy, for when you need something a little gentler than percussive massage.

Recovery can be taken to the next level with the near-infrared LED light on the outside of the handle, which studies have proven can help boost circulation and speed up muscle recovery. Although I didn’t really find myself using this too much it’s an innovative feature to add to a massage gun and one that definitely separates it from the others out there. On the inside of the handle is a biometric heart rate reader, which gives readings on the little LCD screen. I didn’t find myself using this much but, again, it adds another level of superiority to the Pro Plus.


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There’s also five built-in programmes (breathwork, back pain, lower-body warm up and lower-body recovery); five speed settings, and five other attachment heads (not including the heated or vibration head). All these added features undoubtedly make the Pro Plus the most advanced massage gun on the market, even if these features are more than the average person needs. 

Like other Theragun models, the Pro Plus also syncs to the Theragun app via Bluetooth where you can change the speed settings, or follow guided routines. I didn’t use the app, as I just find it more of a faff and everything you can do in the app you can do with the device itself anyway.

Theragun Pro Plus review: Performance

Theragun Pro Plus review: heart rate monitor

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I spent the last three weeks putting the Theragun Pro Plus to the test; mainly after my strength training workouts, but after the occasional run too. I didn’t think I’d bother using the breathwork programme at all but, after a long stressful day in the office, it was actually the first thing I used it for. 

The breathwork programme is two minutes and the Pro Plus vibrates at different levels so you know when to breathe in and breathe out. I liked this as it means you can close your eyes and try to find your ‘inner zen’, rather than follow along on the LCD screen. I couldn’t breathe in for as long as the gun was suggesting, but I could keep up with the breathing out and I did feel somewhat relaxed afterwards. I think to improve this feature it would be nice to get a reading of your heart rate before and after, so you can actually see if it’s really helped you relax or not. Speaking of the heart rate sensor, I think I used this once. It’s a nice extra, but, personally, it just didn’t interest me.

Theragun Pro Plus with the LED light turned on

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In terms of recovery, the Pro Plus gave a very solid performance. One week of my training consisted of testing my three rep max for my squat, bench and deadlift, so I needed all the help I could get recovery-wise. My legs were feeling very sore and tight after a 97kg squat session, so I ran the Pro Plus over my lower body muscles, spending 30 seconds to a minute on each, and (while they were still sore, naturally) they felt instantly relieved. I did this after every training session that week and I managed to hit personal bests during each session – a 3RM 110kg deadlift and 60kg bench press. Obviously, sleep, nutrition and many other factors come into play here in terms of recovery, but I definitely think the Pro Plus made a big difference at helping to keep my body intact. If I hadn’t used it, I think I would have been left feeling incredibly tight by the end of the week.

Arguably, the LED light could have sped up my recovery faster, however, on the Theragun website it says “it’s most effective when applied to direct skin”. I was always reaching for the Pro Plus immediately after my training, therefore I would still be in my gym kit, so I can’t really comment on its effectiveness. One thing I did notice though, is that if you do use it, and prefer holding the bottom handle, your thumb will end up covering the light. While you can use the top part of the handle I avoided this, as the Pro Plus is heavy and I would find my arm would just get tired quickly.

Theragun Pro Plus review: Verdict

There’s no denying the Pro Plus is the most advanced massage gun on the market right now. It has a powerful performance and comes with plenty of bells and whistles to offer its users optimum recovery. Do I think it’s a brilliant massage gun? Definitely. Would I buy it? No, but that’s simply because I don’t need all those added extras (specifically the heart rate sensor, the LED light, the breathwork). I’m not sure my wallet can stretch that far for them either. I think the only people who may find these features more essential are professional athletes, but the average everyday person can most probably make do without them. If, however, you’re after ‘the best of the best’ massage gun, and the price just isn’t a concern for you, then I don’t think you can get much better than the Pro Plus.

Theragun Pro Plus review: also consider

For those still looking for a high-performing massage gun, but are on a slightly tighter budget, I'd recommend the Hyperice Hypervolt Pro 2. It's a lot cheaper than the Pro Plus, but still packs a punch with five speed settings of percussive massage therapy, comes with five head attachments and has a huge three hour battery life. 

If you prefer the ergonomic handle of the Pro Plus though, you can always opt for an older generation, such as the Theragun Pro 5th generation. The real difference here is it doesn't have the LED light, heart rate sensor or breathwork, and the pre-programmes are slightly different. But, apart from that, performance-wise they're pretty much on the same level.

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