The wearable keyboard that gives you a full body workout

Find yourself scratching your back to type with this wacky wearable concept

This week's wacky wearable concept comes from Parson's School of Design. It revolves around a wearable keyboard concept called 'Keybod' which makes sitting still while typing at your computer impossible.

Your fingers will no longer be the only area of your body moving while typing. Expect yourself to be scratching your armpit, back and other bizarre places to type in years to come - all in the name of getting deskbound souls moving.

With keys placed all over the wearer “adding a functional layer to a human being”. The embroidered letters indicate what you're typing with the idea being that your whole body moves.

The 'Keybod' concept consists of a semi-transparent garment. Obviously style wasn't an important factor here, as in its current state you'd sit at your office desk looking like your preparing for a monsoon.

Student Nitcha Fame Tothong came up with the idea and is also working other types of clothing that can be used to interact with your computer. She's also developing a connected shoe mouse concept where you tap your foot to click on your computer, which although sounds great we're pretty sure you wouldn't be very popular surrounded by people in a quiet library.

Tothong said that with practice someone could actually get used to this system and get a workout at the same time.

We advise you don't give up your gym membership just yet.

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