The slow cooker I use is just £50 in Black Friday bargain!

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Well it's finally upon us, folks – Black Friday has landed and with it comes a whole host of fantastic deals to tempt you away from your savings. We've already written about a host of early deals and we're expecting more big things from the event itself.

One I've just spotted is a product I actually use! This CrockPot slow cooker sits in my kitchen, and sees use roughly every other weekend. Right now, you can snag one too, for just £49.99 at Currys

Crock Pot Slow Cooker: now £49.99 at Currys

Crock Pot Slow Cooker: now £49.99 at Currys (was £79.99)
Save £30 on the Crock Pot slow cooker at Currys. It features a glass lid, and has a whopping 4.7L capacity – perfect for batch cooking. It's a dishwasher safe pot, too, so less washing up!

It's effortlessly simple to use. High and Low heat modes are on offer, and you cycle between the two modes and the hot holding mode with the left menu button.

The built in timer can then be adjusted in 30 minute increments via the up and down arrows in the centre. There is literally nothing else to it.

In terms of cooking, it's fantastically easy to get great results. Look, I don't claim to be any kind of Gordon Ramsay figure, but the food this cooks is divine. I've slow cooked big chunks of meat – gammon and beef brisket, mostly – and it falls apart in your mouth.

Other recipes, like naked burrito mixes and stews have yielded similar results. I wont lie, a lot of my friends think I can cook, and that fallacy is only kept alive because of this appliance. 

For £50, it's probably the best investment you could make in your kitchen. Don't delay, as deals this good might not stick around for long!

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