The Peloton just hit its lowest-ever price on Amazon in Prime Day deal

You can save almost £300 on the most premium exercise bike on the market

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The Peloton is renowned for being the best exercise bike on the market that can also offer its customers a premium in-class experience with its 22” immersive touch-screen. The biggest concern for people is that it’s a pretty big investment. But, for those who've had it on their wishlist for a while, you’ll be pleased to know it's at its lowest price on Amazon in the Prime Day sale, with almost £300 off.

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We're currently seeing some fantastic fitness deals in the Prime Day sale and historically, exercise bikes are something we usually see crop up time and time again. But, in all honesty, we weren't expecting to see the Peloton in the mix, so it's definitely a pleasant surprise.

Peloton Bike:  now £1049 at Amazon

Peloton Bike: now £1049 at Amazon (was £1345)
If you've always fancied a Peloton, now's the time to treat yourself with this generous Prime Day deal, saving you 22%. It goes beyond cycling, as its on-screen instructors help you stay motivated throughout your class, and you can climb the leader board with other members. If this has always been on your wishlist, then now's the time to take advantage of it, don't miss it!

Peloton also have some other fantastic deals going across their other products. Check them out below:

Peloton Dumbbells:  now £33.75 at Amazon

Peloton Dumbbells: now £33.75 at Amazon (was £45)
Save 25% on Peloton's premium dumbbells. They've been coated in polyurethane for added protection if dropped and you can choose between 2.3kg to 13.6kg.

Peloton Heart Rate Band:  now £40 at Amazon

Peloton Heart Rate Band: now £40 at Amazon (was £80)
Save 50% on this rechargeable heart rate band. It uses Bluetooth connectivity to give you in-moment progress updates and can connect to your phone, tablet and other fitness apps, as well as all the Peloton products.

TrubliFit Fan for Peloton Bike:  now £23.99 at Amazon

TrubliFit Fan for Peloton Bike: now £23.99 at Amazon (was £31.99)
Save 25% on this custom-built fan for your Peloton bike. It will keep you cool and help push you through your workout even further.

Peloton Reversible Workout Mat:  now £42 at Amazon

Peloton Reversible Workout Mat: now £42 at Amazon (was £60)
Save 30% on this premium workout mat — one side has superior grip to support sweaty workout sessions, while the other is an absorbent yoga mat. Pretty cool if you ask us.

Peloton Altos Unisex Cycling Shoe:  now £91 at Amazon

Peloton Altos Unisex Cycling Shoe: now £91 at Amazon (was £130)
Save 30% off these cycling shoes specifically designed for the Peloton Bike and Bike+. They have delta-compatible bike cleats, so that you can quickly clip in and out of your Peloton Bike or Bike+ with ease.

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