The next Motorola Razr could get a massive cover display upgrade

Bigger is definitely better when it comes to cover displays – and the Razr could have the biggest one yet

Motorola Razr 2022
(Image credit: Motorola)

In the world of foldable phones, there are two distinct camps – larger devices that fold out into a tablet-sized unit, and flip phones. At the moment, it seems to be the latter which is taking the industry by storm. 

The recently released Oppo Find N2 Flip has won a lot of praise for its balance of features and affordability. A big plus point for that handset is the huge cover display. It's markedly bigger than other handsets like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, which offer only a small screen on the front, making it easier than ever to use the device without opening it.

But it could soon be overtaken by another flip phone legend – the Motorola Razr. Rumours have pegged the Razr for a 2023 release – uncharacteristic for the range, which usually releases a new model every other year at most.

What's more, according to reports from 9to5Google, the 2023 Razr will feature a cover display that takes up pretty much all of the available space. That would mark a significant upgrade for the handset, as it looks to forge ahead in what is quickly becoming a crowded marketplace.

Currently, the Razr is regarded as having one of the most useful cover displays of any foldable handset. Offering that level of functionality on a much bigger display could open up new possibilities for the device, and make it easier than ever to get things done without even opening the handset.

Motorola aren't the only brand looking to scale up their cover display. Rumours suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 will get a screen upgrade, too – though leaked images suggest it will be more like the Oppo than the Motorola.

Regardless of your preference, though, it's great news for foldable phones in general. This level of competition between devices is great for consumers, as new models get better feature sets and, hopefully, more competitive pricing.

There's no release date confirmed for an updated Razr model, but with a 2023 moniker, and leaked information already starting to trickle out, I'd expect to see more updates coming sooner rather than later.

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