The Napapijri Infinity jacket is 100% recyclable and made from fishing nets

The jacket’s Nylon 6 yarn can be recycled endlessly into new products

Napapijri Infinity
(Image credit: Napapijri)

The new Infinity jacket by Napapijri is made from the nylon of recycled fishing nets, and can itself be entirely recycled into something new – a process its makers say can happen infinitely.

The jacket is part of what Napapijri calls a circular approach to fashion design, where garments are first made from recycled fabric, which can then be recycled again and again.

To prove its point - and in a bid to increase the recycling of clothes - Napapijri says buyers of the Infinity jacket can register it online, then trade it in after two years for a €100 voucher to put towards their next purchase.

The entire old jacket can then be recycled into something new, thanks to it being made from Nylon 6, which is made from discarded fishing nets and other waste materials. 

Because the entire jacket is produced using one material, it is easier to recycle, and the fibres are ‘upcycled’ into something new, crucially without losing any of their original quality or character.

(Image credit: Napapijri)

Napapijri says its Infinity jacket is part of a virtuous circle of recycling, where nothing goes to waste and everything is used again and again - hence the name.

The Infinity jacket is a hooded anorak with a side zip fastening, adjustable waist, hem and cuffs, down-free Thermo-Fibre insulation, is snow resistant, and designed for use in dry conditions or very light rain.

It is available in black and blue for men, and in white, blue, black and purple for women.

(Image credit: Napapijri)

Speaking of the Infinity jacket’s environmentally-friendly credentials, Vicki Bohlbro, senior marketing director at Napapijri, said: “Now more than ever, we are aware of the pressing issues we are collectively asked to address.

"We have chosen to do so by pioneering the future of fashion with Infinity, a jacket that embodies our efforts to combine design, sustainability, and innovation to inspire a shift in the role our industry has to play in the preservation of the planet and its people through circularity.”

You can buy the Infinity jacket for £525 from Napapjiri.

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