The live music event of the year is now on Amazon Prime Video

Taylor Swift is here, and glorious

Taylor Swift
(Image credit: Taylor Swift Productions)

If like me, you checked out your Spotify Wrapped and saw none other than Taylor Swift at number 1 (I ended up in the top 3% of listeners), you're probably desperate to know where you can watch the movie of the phenomenon that is the Eras Tour.

I couldn't persuade any of the T3 team to come to the cinema with me so I am delighted to say that Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Extended Version is now available to rent on Amazon Prime Video. Of course, coming from the star who made a 10-minute song (All Too Well) hit the top of the charts, this is the extended version with three extra songs thrown in. Wildest Dreams, The Archer, and Long Live. 

You can rent the movie (whether you have Amazon Prime or not) for a fraction of the cost of impossible-to-get tour tickets at a price of £15.99/$19.89. Cheekily, 1989 is of course one of Taylor's most famous albums (and her latest remaster). 

Taylor Swift

(Image credit: Taylor Swift Productions)

The Eras Tour is a celebration of Taylor Swift taking back her music with re-recordings of her back catalogue and tracks released 'From the Vault'.  It has sold 4.35 million tickets over 60 dates and has become the first tour to make more than $1 billion. Not bad for a girl from Pennsylvania who grew up on a Christmas tree farm.

Reports of the show have been full of praise for the spectacle, performances and sheer stamina of Ms. Swift. Her shows regularly run for over three hours, and the standard edition of the tour movie is 2 hours 45 minutes, so keep your evening free. Even if you're not a Swiftie (boo) you should be able to appreciate the sheer spectacle, talent and co-ordination on display. Filmed across three of her six LA shows, you'll laugh, cry, dance and sing along if you have any kind of humanity in you. If you want my particular track recommendation, watch out for Betty, I can't help but belt out the chorus every time.

So why today, December 13th? Well it's Taylor's birthday, yet she's the one who has given all of us a present instead. 

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