The Legend of Zelda designer wants a female live-action Link

Game designer-turned-casting director

The Legend of Zelda is yet to have a movie green-lit, but that hasn't stopped two of the series' pioneers sharing their thoughts on potential casting.

Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of ZeldaandMario, and Takashi Tezuka, designer and director of numerous games, said in an interview with MTV that they'd like someone "completely new" to play a live-action Link and indicated a Japanese person may not be the best fit for the character.

"With Japanese TV drama and film they always use the same actors so I actually think we should have someone completely new," said Miyamoto, before bringing Tezuka into the conversation.

"I can't think of any," Tezuka replied. "This is just personally, it would very fun and awesome if Link was played by a female actress, a boyish female actress."

Miyamoto added: "This is something I never imagined because Link is very different to how a Japanese person looks. At the Japanese Expo I attended, there were so many people in cosplay who looked very good. They would be good!"

Elsewhere in the interview, Miyamoto addressed the possibility of movies based on Nintendo properties but refused to give anything away.

"A feature length film? It's definitely a secret! I can't make any comments right now but we will see."

It was rumoured a Zelda TV series was in production at Netflix, but Nintendo refuted it saying the report was "not based on correct information," but didn't outright deny it was happening. With mumblings of a Zelda movie going around, something tells us we'll hear more on this soon.

Nathan George

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