The iPhone 15 could have a USB-C port but it won't matter

Apple is rumored to be testing USB-C ports for its 2023 models but a portless iPhone is still my dream and it was Steve Jobs' too

iPad Air USB-C
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The news that the iPhone 14 is still likely to feature a Lightning connector will please as many as it will disappoint. But it now looks as though any potential move to a USB-C port won't happen until late 2023. That means in time for the iPhone 15, presuming the naming convention remains. 

Apple has already switched to USB-C ports for the iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad Pro, as well as MacBooks, so Apple users that have a recent iPad will already have a spare charger or two. Plus, there are USB cables for everything from security cameras to VR headsets. But if you're an Apple user like me, you've probably got a draw full of Lightning connectors too. 

There are more advantages to the iPhone moving to USB-C than just compatibility and the upcoming European regulation though. USB-C offers more power and faster transfer speeds than Lightning currently does. Ultimately though, whether the iPhone has a USB-C or Lightning connector is going to make little difference for more users. 

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max MagSafe

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As I've said before, my choice for the iPhone 15 would be no port at all. Apple is moving increasingly towards wireless charging with MagSafe and iCloud for syncing data, which should mean that you never need to plug your phone in anywhere. 

Not everyone shares my wireless optimism but remember, we're talking about a phone that won't launch for another 18 months, and wireless capabilities are rapidly improving. I plugged my phone into a socket for the first time in months last week but it was purely out of convenience of not walking to the next room and getting my wireless puck.  

According to MacRumors, Steve Jobs' vision was for the iPhone to be a seamless device, without a SIM card slot and so I'm sure the lack of a charging port would have appealed too. 

According to the original report from Bloomberg, Apple is also looking to produce an adapter for the USB-C iPhones to work with Lightning accessories. Though as happened when the iPhone moved from the original 30-pin connector to the Lightning port, most physical connectors for things like speakers and docks went wireless instead. The same happened when Apple killed the headphone jack. Though some adapters were used, most users took the opportunity to move to a wireless connection. 

So, I'm not concerned about whether the iPhone 15 has a Lighting or USB-C port. I'll be continuing to use my wireless connection. 

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