The Game Awards 2023: how to watch and what to expect

Get ready for a trailer fest of the biggest new games – watch it right here

The Game Awards 2023
(Image credit: The Game Awards)

The Game Awards is always something each and every gamer should be tuned into, as it often showcases some of the biggest games coming up in the next 12 months and beyond. And this year's event is to take place later today, 7 December 2023.

Hosted by Geoff Keighley, it'll also reveal the best games of the year across multiple categories, as voted by the public. There will be celebrations ahoy and you can watch it all live right here.

Here's when the event will start and other details you need to know.

When is The Game Awards 2023?

The Game Awards 2023 will kick off at 19:30 ET on Thursday 7 December 2023.

Here are the times for several main locations:

  • US West Coast: 16:30 PT
  • US East Coast: 19:30 ET
  • UK: 00:30 GMT (8 December)
  • Central Europe: 01:30 CET (8 December)
  • India (New Delhi): 06:00 IST (8 December)
  • Japan (Tokyo): 09:30 JST (8 December)
  • South Korea (Seoul): 09:30 KST (8 December)
  • Australia (Sydney): 11:30 AEDT (8 December)

How to watch The Game Awards 2023

The Game Awards 2023 will be streamed across multiple different social channels. You can watch it via the YouTube video further up this page.

Alternatively, it will also stream live on Twitch and Discord.

What to expect during The Game Awards 2023

As well as announce the winners across 31 different award categories, including Game of the Year and Most Anticipated Game, the show will feature some new trailers and looks at games coming out in 2024 and beyond.

Xbox will have some "important announcements", it has revealed. And there will be several game debuts, such as the single-player game in the Dead by Daylight franchise, which we're especially excited about.

Keighley himself will take the stage at 17:00 PT to present the awards and world premieres, as he states in a hype teaser posted on X (formerly Twitter).

Previous years have played host to some massive announcements, including the unveiling of the Xbox Series X for the first time, so hopefully there'll be some fun surprises. Join us in watching it live to find out.

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