The EZVIZ HP7 Video Doorphone is a security camera, doorbell and intercom in one

EZVIZ launches the new HP7 Video Doorphone for better smart home security

EZVIZ HP7 Video Doorphone
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Smart security brand, EZVIZ has just launched the HP7, a new-generation internet-connected video doorphone designed to replace traditional intercom systems in a smart and connected way. As showcased at IFA 2023, the new HP7 serves as a central hub for all EZVIZ devices, and acts as a security camera, doorbell, display and intercom in one handy product.

Last week at IFA, I got to visit the EZVIZ booth and have a full tour of everything that EZVIZ has coming up later this year and in 2024. While its outdoor and indoor security cameras, robot vacuum cleaners and smart lock innovations were outstanding, the thing that caught my eye the most was the new HP7.

Its full name, the EZVIZ HP7 Video Doorphone & Control Centre, is packed full of smart features that make entering and leaving the home, and communicating with visitors outside of your house easier and more streamlined. With its understated looks and design, the EZVIZ HP7 consists of a 2-in-1 camera and doorbell with a 7-inch colour touchscreen, completely revolutionising the outdated intercom.

How the EZVIZ HP7 works is by connecting to entrance locks and home networks, so homeowners can enter their home more easily and access doors remotely. It has multiple entry options, including tapping the indoor monitor, using the EZVIZ app or swiping a smart RFID card, for better and tighter security.

With Wi-Fi connectivity, the EZVIZ HP7 acts in a similar way to the best video doorbells. Using the app or indoor monitor (which sits inside the home and displays who’s at the door), users can see who’s at the door with its 2K video and communicate with visitors with real-time audio and two-way talk. If you’re on holiday or at work, you can also use the EZVIZ app on your phone to receive incoming calls when someone rings the doorbell.


(Image credit: EZVIZ)

While the EZVIZ HP7 is described as an advanced video intercom, I saw it more as a security camera, video doorbell and smart display all in one. For example, the EZVIZ HP7 can detect human motion and alert you immediately for improved safety. The EZVIZ HP7 can also be used as your smart home hub as it can connect and manage other EZVIZ devices, and it’s compatible with Matter and Apple HomeKit ecosystems.

With more and more people investing in video doorbells and outdoor cameras, the idea of an intercom system might seem a little old fashioned. But the EZVIZ HP7 seeks to replace these intercoms and offer better security and communication. While EZVIZ says the HP7 is a tailored solution for larger homes and villas, I think many homeowners could benefit from it, including small businesses and flats.

In addition to its many smart features, the EZVIZ HP7 has up to 512GB of storage, supports 2.4 / 5 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi and comes with three name cards to ensure people knock on the right door. The EZVIZ HP7 Video Doorphone is available on the EZVIZ website.

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