The Brabus S 63 850 Biturbo is the ultimate 850bhp supercar-scaring coupe

The Mercedes S 63 gets the most hardcore makeover to date

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Brabus S 63 850

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Brabus S 63 850

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Brabus S 63 850

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Brabus S 63 850

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Brabus S 63 850

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Brabus S 63 850

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Brabus S 63 850

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Brabus S 63 850

We're pretty sure that there weren't too many objections when Mercedes-Benz took the wraps of its delightfully potent S 63 AMG Coupe at the Geneva motor show last year, but Brabus thinks it can do better.

The German tuning firm has just announced that it is has taken the existing 5.5-litre twin-turbo V8 and increased its displacement to just shy of 6.0-litres. It has also added its own turbochargers with larger compressor units and bespoke exhaust manifolds.

The result is a vehicle that produces just shy of 850bhp and a staggering 1,450Nm of torque, although that figure has been pared back to 1,150Nm in order to protect the powertrain from eating itself after a few savage sessions around the circuit.

Performance figures are equally ridiculous, especially when you consider it features four seats and weighs almost two-tonnes. The 0-62mph sprint complete in just 3.5 seconds and the top speed limited to a massively illegal 217mph. That's almost enough to put Ferrari's upcoming 488 GTB to shame.

To make life easier for customers, the monstrous amount of power is delivered to all four wheels thanks to Mercedes' tried-and-tested 4MATIC system, which improves traction and helps transfer grunt to the road.

Stylistically, Brabus has added aerodynamically enhanced features to ensure the vehicle cuts through the air and remains glued to the road.

To reduce lift at high speeds, a bespoke clear-coated carbon fibre spoiler has been added to the rear, while the suspension has been dropped to its very lowest setting and massive 21-inch forged alloys added.

There's also a trick rear diffuser, which wraps its way around the tuned exhaust system, and larger air intakes at the front to cope with the demands of the turbos.

Inside, the cabin follows the same 'Gold Chrome' colour scheme as the enormous alloys, with garish accents to all of the bare metal surfaces and corresponding stitching in the leather seats and dash.

Brabus has confirmed that customers will be able to specify their own colour schemes, although a price for arguably the world's fastest all-wheel-drive four-seat coupe has yet to be confirmed.

It will go on show at the Geneva motor show next month, presumably as far away from the Mercedes stand as possible.