The Boys S4 trailer just dropped on Amazon Prime – it's a goretastic sensation

Things are getting bloodier, somehow

The Boys Season 4
(Image credit: Amazon Prime Video)

After weeks, if not months of teasing, Amazon has finally shown off the next season of its hit superhero show The Boys – and confirmed its launch date.

Season four will start streaming on 13 June for Prime Video members, and will do Amazon a lot of good – it probably has the best streaming service around if gory dark comic superhero-killing shows are your thing.

Okay, that's niche, but The Boys has been a huge success for Amazon already, so it's clearly not that narrow an audience. 

It's a pretty blockbuster trailer, too, starting slow with Karl Urban's Billy Butcher talking his team back into action but then accelerating into glimpses of stunningly gory moments.

With new characters joining from the successful spin-off Gen V, and the nefarious baddies from last season mostly still around, it looks like the fight against Homelander and his cronies will heat up even further. 

The political overtones aren't going anywhere, either, with protests and ideological divides clearly still very much on the agenda, but we can't help but come back to that gore.

This is about the bloodiest trailer we can remember seeing in a long time, especially for a TV show, so it'll be reassuring to viewers hoping that The Boys doesn't soften its violent vision despite its massive popularity.

We'll clearly be seeing some disturbing new superhero powers, but also what looks a lot like demonic, possessed and potentially invulnerable farm animals making a mess of people, in what can only be a sentence we never thought we'd write. 

So, there's just a month to go before the season drops – we don't know whether it'll be an all-in-one situation, or whether Amazon will instead drip-feed us those episodes on a weekly basis. 

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