The best iPhone 8 Black Friday deals

Apple's iPhone 8 is one of the best smaller iPhones ever made. Don't miss out on some Black Friday deals on it today

Apple iPhone 8 Black Friday deals 2020
(Image credit: Apple)

It's that wonderful deals-filled time of year again: Black Friday 2020 has arrived with a bang, offering discounts and deals on pretty much everything you could think of and want. One bargain we've spotted is the iPhone 8, the perfect phone for people shopping for a strong upgrade on a budget.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus arrived in 2017, bringing with them faster processors, better screens and cameras, and bigger batteries, plus a lot more besides. While that might seem like a lifetime ago, Apple has incredible support for older devices and iOS 14 will run perfectly.

A lot of attention is paid to newer iPhone models, especially the all-screen ones, but that doesn't mean an older handset won't work, especially if what you want from a phone is modest, like calls, texting, scrolling, emails, and so on. Plus, you're much more likely to find a genuinely great deal on an iPhone 8 than an iPhone 11.

If you're looking for a lot of data, for example, many iPhone 8 deals come with upwards of 100GB for very little every month. Let's jump in...