The best Beats earbuds now come in brilliant new colours

You can now get your Beats Fit Pro in three brand new colours. Put us down for the Volt Yellow ones

Beats Fit Pro 2023 colours
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple's Beats Fit Pro are some of the best earbuds for fitness fans, and they're up there with the best true wireless earbuds too. And Apple has just updated them to make them even more appealing. 

Don't expect any new features, though: this update is all about the colours. And what great colours they are. In a world of black, beige and blue earbuds, Beats now come in Volt Yellow, Coral Pink and, er, blue. Tidal Blue, to be precise.

Maybe it's the photos, but the Volt Yellow don't look yellow to me: they're more of a searing lime green. I hope they look like that in the flesh too, because that's a fun colour and it'll make them really easy to spot if you drop them on the gym floor – or anywhere else. 

What's new in the Beats Fit Pro 2023?

Other than the colours? Nothing. But that's not necessarily a problem, because the Beats Fit Pro are essentially AirPods Pro 2 for people who don't grunt when they get out of chairs. They have the same H1 chip as Apple's white earbuds so you can use features such as Siri and Find My, they have automatic device switching and they have excellent Active Noise Cancellation too. 

Personally I prefer the Beats to the AirPods: they lack the signature stems of the Apple-branded equivalent, preferring instead a wingtip design that means they stay put even when you're bouncing around the place. It also means they're great for people like me who don't go in for all that exercise malarkey but who like to wear their buds for long periods: I find wingtips are much more comfortable for protracted wearing. 

The new colours sit alongside the existing purple, grey, white and black options and cost the same: $199.99 / £219.99. If you order via you can get them engraved too; the new colours go on sale tomorrow, Thursday 23 February.

Carrie Marshall

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