The Adidas AM4LDN are made specifically for running in London

Speedfactory will make trainers which are "tailored specifically for London" and its "unique demands"

Adidas has announced the AM4 (Adidas Made For) series, a range of trainers tailored specifically for select cities around the world.

Adidas co-creates the shoes using athlete data to help shape the design and development process, working closely with a group of consumers from the city. 

This process will be applied in future locations in order to create the ultimate tailoring possible for each city.

London is the first city, with AM4 trainers for Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai planned in the coming months. 

The AM4 project will be a constant beta mode, with insights taken from consumers following each product launch used to shape future designs.

What exactly is different about these shoes over a regular pair of Ultraboosts?
The key change is that the outsole features a different construction, designed for more grip and more stability.

Perhaps more importantly, the introduction of AM4 also sees the launch of Adidas' Speedfactory facility in Ansbach, Germany. 

This is a significant moment for the brand, beginning a state-of-the-art manufacturing process that allow Adidas to create tailored running shoes with unprecedented speed, thanks to the advanced robots.

This is the just the start, with the end goal for Adidas to be create trainers tailored to a specific individual's needs using athlete data.

Paul Gaudio, adidas Global Creative Director said, “The Speedfactory story is bigger than one product. It is really an enabler for speed, precision and responsiveness. 

Ultimately Speedfactory will allow us to co-create unique product solutions based on individual athlete needs and desires – delivering what they want, when and where they want it.”

The Speedfactory in Ansbach, Germany is now up and running, and will soon be joined by a second facility in Atlanta, USA.

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