Tesco to move into digital markets

Ebooks and digital music to join on-demand video

Tesco, the UKs number one retailer, is slowly moving into the digital domain with plans to expand into ebooks and streaming music

Tesco is already a fixture on most high streets in the UK, but the omnipresent retailer is planning to move right into our homes with plans to expand its digital offering.

The company has already bought video-streaming service Blinkbox, and new reports are that it plans to start offering digital books and digital music - taking on the likes of Amazon, Netflix and Spotify all together.

The digital offerings will all fall under the Blinkbox banner in the form of Blinkboxbooks and Blinkboxmusic and are expected to emerge from Tesco's purchasing of We7 and Mobcast last year.

"Whether customers want to own the DVD, download a digital movie, stream a rental or all three, Tesco is committed to giving customers choice," said Richard Brasher, UK chief executive for Tesco.

"We want to allow them to decide how they access entertainment content and on which devices, whether it's on PC, TV or tablet.”

It's not like Tesco doesn't have the funds to implement the move either - the company posted a £3.9 billion operating profit last year.

Best get that Clubcard ready.

Via: The Register