TalkTalk broadband deal: Faster Fibre Broadband for just £25 a month

Saving up to £551 vs BT over 24 months according to TalkTalk

If you're looking for a superb broaband deal then look no further - TalkTalk has cut the price of the its Faster Fibre unlimited fibre broadband - now down to £25 per month. 

According to TalkTalk that represents a saving of £551.75 vs BT, £425.71 vs Sky and £278 vs Virgin Media.

The deal is available until the 14th September and is available to both new and existing customers. The price is fixed for 18 months, but you can get contracts for different lengths of time should you wish.   

The best fibre broadband deal

What Talk Talk says about Unlimited Faster Fibre Broadband

"When everyone in your home is streaming Netflix, Skyping friends and uploading snaps to Facebook, all at the same time, you need our Faster Fibre Broadband. It's stronger, more stable and up to 4x faster than standard broadband. Plus, unlike other providers who regularly raise prices mid-contract, we guarantee your broadband price will remain the same for your whole contract."

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